Rotation Faith Formation

What is Rotational Faith Formation for Children at FLC?

The Rotational Faith formation Model, teaches major Bible stories and concepts through child-friendly multimedia workshops: an art workshop, drama, music, games, puppets, storytelling, computers, cooking and science. The same Bible story is taught in all of the workshops for a three or four week rotation exposing the children to a different workshop each week.  This allows for experiential learning while you are exploring the same story, children can learn in different ways.   It keeps the same teacher or teaching team in each workshop for all four weeks-teaching the same lesson week after week (with some age appropriate adjustments) to each new class coming in.

Rotation Faith Formation

Do you enjoy the Bible stories you read as a child?
Are you a story teller or writer?  Do you find peace in calming music and centering time?
Do you enjoy seeing children play games?  Do you like to cook?   Each Bible story has various "rotations" by which the story is learned by the children.

Contact Jennifer Bingaman,, if you are willing to help!


Coming in September.  Join us for Rotational Faith Formation on Sunday, September 13th.  We will kick of the Faith Formation year with the story of Baby Moses.  Fun rotation stations will experience art, games, science and video.  First through Fifth grade will rotate through each station and experience the story through many learning styles.