Daily Program Highlights

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 Center Time: Centers are a big part of a preschoolers day.
This is where they learn through play! Children learn in ways
you may not realize by exploring the world around them!

What looks like free play is really a child discovering the
world and developing / masterings skills.

It is also a great time for teachers to individualize for the
children. You will see teachers working one-on-one with
students during this time.

 Daily Highlight 2   Learning

We begin to introduce “Handwriting Without Tears” in our
younger classes by providing opportunities to strengthen
their hand muscles to eventually be able to hold a pencil.
Three-year-old class will introduce basics like ‘Mat Man’ and
letters in the child’s name. In our Pre-Kindergarten classes
we start with letter recognition, sound and the different parts
of forming the letters with easier terms like short curve or long line.

  Group Time or Circle Time: This is a time where the class
sits together to review the calendar, which emphasizes
counting, letters, story time and group concepts.
For our Pre-K classes, we review letters & their sounds,
numbers, & patterns. One classroom uses an interactive
calendar, as seen below. The kids also learn to sit and listen
at the appropriate amount of time for their age. As they grow
older, the longer they can sit.

Daily Highlight 3

Sharing Time: All classes have time for the kids to share
about themselves with their friends. Learning and knowing
who they are helps to build confidence! Sharing bags also
reinforce & give parents the opportunity to engage their
children in conversation. Most sharing bags have to start
with the letter that is being reviewed, be a certain shape or
color that is being learned or tie into the theme. Deciding on
the sharing bag item is a great review of what they are
learning at school that week!

Daily Highlight 4

Art & Outdoor Play are daily parts of each class’ schedule.
Art is so much fun. All our classes have a daily planned art
project that is theme based and free art, where the child can
really express their creativity.


art2  art 3

The kids love to go outside. We go outside whenever
possible. We also have a rainy day playroom inside where
the kids can still develop their gross motor skills on rainy or
super cold days!

rainy day play

Outdoor play





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We provide families:
• A developmental approach to curriculum and environment
• Quality in experience
• Low student to teacher ratios
• Professional educators
• Religious education
• Allergy friendly
• Animal discovery
• Weekly music program
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