Christmas Music Collection

CD's with this music are available at the church.  There are 33 additional tracks on the "Bonus Christmas Tracks" page.

About this collection: This collection was commissioned by Frank Moore, Director of Community Ministries at First Lutheran Church, with editing and supplemental recording by Andy Mitchum.  All performances are live recordings of volunteer musicians who are all members or performers.  This includes the Market Street Brass, who perform seasonally under contract and have graciously granted us permission to reproduce live and studio performances.

Copyright notice: This disk is created as an extension of the public worship services of First Lutheran Church, that others may share in our life of faith.  It is provided free of charge,   and all performances are recorded and reproduced by permission of the relevant performers and directors.  To protect their copyright interests, credits are included for composers, lyricists, arrangers, and publishers, and this disc may not be reproduced and offered for sale.