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Sunday Morning Faith Formation Ages 2 - Grade 5

10:00 am Sundays 

(No Sunday morning Faith Formation classes for children and youth in the summer.)

Ages 2 & 3* (Room C25)

Children ages 2 and 3 will work with the Musikgarten curriculum, which uses songs, stories, playing instruments, movement activities, and moments of worship in each lesson, to both explore and express their faith through music and movement as they grow in their awareness of God’s love for them and for all creation. With this class, we ask that parents stay and experience the lessons with their child so learning can continue at home. We are glad to provide the supplies and CD’s with the music we use in class for your family; please let our teachers know if you need a copy. 



Ages 4 & 5*(Room C23) - Kindergarten (Room C23)

Children ages 4 and 5 as well as those in kindergarten will use the Godly Play curriculum this year. Godly play is an approach based on Montessori principles - we respond to the child's request to 'help me do it by myself.' This puts the leaders in the role of spiritual supporter or guides who fully accept that each child has his or her own relationship with God already. The teaching takes place in different ways at the same time: it is multi-modal and multi-sensory. which uses the Montessori tradition of education as a method of spiritual direction to help children become more fully aware of God’s presence around them and in their lives, in what happens at home, at school and in the larger world.

Godly Play 4 and 5 year olds

Godly Play

Grades 1-5 (Meet in Room C24 to be sent to Rotation Stations)

Children in grade 1 through grade 4 will be using the Rotation Workshop Model. This is a Bible-centered curriculum, which encourages children to explore God's Word through a variety of activities designed to appeal to all of the different ways children learn. Children will spend four to five weeks on a Bible story, visiting a different hands-on Bible-learning workshop each week in order to experience that same story from different perspectives. Each workshop rotation is focused on a rich Bible story or group of Bible stories about particular characters. Workshop rotations will include four of the following: Art, Bible Skills and Games, Computer Lab, Cooking, Creative Drama, Music, Science, and Video.













Drama Rotation  

Science Rotation

Art Rotation