Living the “L” Word

-- "L" being Lutheran!

You might call this Lutheranism 101: The Basics.  Living in the culture we do, it’s helpful to remember who we are and the purpose for which God created us.  Some ask, “Why be Lutheran?  What’s unique about our Lutheran approach to Christianity?”  Others ask, “How does our faith tradition add value to our life?”  The following topics are our attempt to open a dialogue around those questions.

1. Living Grace-fully - Justification by grace through faith: What is the basis for our relationship with God? Grace isn’t a commodity, but rather the very character of God.

2. Living Wet - Sacrament of Baptism: Dying and Rising to a new way of living “in Christ.”

3. Living Fairly – The Concept of Justification: God’s Grace at work in our lives creates generosity, as we trust God to help us become more “just” in relating to others.

4. Living with Mystery - Sacrament of Holy Communion: The Mystery of God – known in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus – lives in and through us to heal and reconcile the world.

5. Living Faithfully - We are simultaneously saint and sinner: We are imperfect people who make mistakes. Yet we’re part of God’s “good” creation, God using us to bless the world.

6. Living with Change - The Church is always Reforming: Is this the church you grew up in?  How has Christianity evolved? How’s “church” changing today? Reform is the Holy Spirit’s constant and consistent work among us and within us.

7. Living with Purpose - Priesthood of all Believers: We all have a place in the Body of Christ and something to contribute to the ongoing ministry of Jesus Christ.

8. Living the Word - The Primacy of the Word of God: Jesus is God’s Living Word. There’s power in the story of faith as God is revealed to us, and through us to others.

9. Living Compassionately - Theology of the Cross: God’s presence and power is revealed when we share in each other’s suffering. You want to find God? Look at Jesus on the cross.

10. Living Paradoxically – Law and Gospel: Law governs; love gives. Law demands; love invites. We need the gift of law, but God’s penultimate law is unconditional love.

11. Living a Double Life
- Two Kingdoms: We live life with one foot in the Kingdom of the World and the other in the Kindgom of God. One provides justice in our need for good governance. The other extends mercy in our need for compassion and forgiveness. What would life look like on earth if God were king and the rulers of this world were not?


Below are recordings of the messages from the 2013 Lenten mid-week and Sunday services based on these topics.