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IT IS possible to have a science background then end up sharing faith with hundreds of youth and families - 'professionally!'
For the last 17+ years, I have enjoyed seeing the serendipitous God-moments in life and processing them with others, especially adolescents. I thank God often for allowing me to be a witness to the power of the Spirit here at First Lutheran. I thank my church family for partnering with me to mentor faith and share part of the journey. And I especially thank my kids, Ian, Emma and Luke McPeeters for growing up through youth ministry with me and for their enthusiasm. In church and at home - I love playing games, creating art (especially pottery), hiking, camping, traveling to new places and reading a good fiction book. I am a 18 year cancer survivor - who has promised to - 'Appreciate Life'. That's what my license plate says (in a shorter 8-letter way) and that's what I encourage all to do -- cherish the moment you are in, recognize the child of God in you & others and be Christ's light in the World. (note - I recently returned to my maiden name - was McPeeters for many years)

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