Baptism is the first and perhaps the most important sacrament in our church.  It marks the beginning of our relationship with God, a relationship that lasts a lifetime and beyond.  It comes at the beginning of our lives to remind us of God's claim upon each of us.  We are God's children, made in God's image, and filled with God's presence (Spirit).  Through us God continues the work begun in Jesus to love, restore and reconcile the world.  Baptized as infants, we are reminded that love isn't earned or merited.  Love is a freely given gift.  Baptism is a point in time to which we can return and be reminded of God's promise to forgive and be with us.

Those desiring to be baptized or have their child baptized should contact the church office to have it scheduled.  336-292-9125;  

Traditional Worship – 11 am
Communion every Sunday; by intinction on the 2nd & 4th Sundays

Service of Holy Communion

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Contemporary Worship – 9 am & 11 am  Communion celebrated on the second and fourth Sundays

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